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Skelly & Inferno Multicolor Head Desk Collectables (SET)

Skelly & Inferno Multicolor Head Desk Collectables (SET)

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Longing to gaze at Skelly and Inferno? Take your pick of both without dishing out a fortune! Let the whole year be graced by a duo of mini craniums on your desk! Who knew desk decoration could be so fun?!

Constructed with durable PETG plastic, these 3D printed Skelly & Inferno Head Desk Ornaments are a riot of color! Skelly sports a stark black and white look, while Inferno is a fiery mix of dark orange, olive green, and white.

Small - Skelly (approx 2.25" tall)/Inferno (approx 2.5" tall with stem)
Large - Skelly (approx 3.75" tall)/Inferno (approx 4.5" tall with stem)

This listing includes 1 of each (Skelly and Inferno).
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