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Replacement Part Instructions and Help

INSTRUCTIONS: Skelly Parts replacements are meant to match the screw pattern and position of your original connector.
1) Before removing your broken connector, make note of the orientation of original connector.
- - - You may want to mark the position with a pencil/pen on the bone/arm itself.
2) Unscrew all of the screws holding the original connector.
- - - Making sure to go slow as to not strip the screw heads (they are very soft).
3) Remove the existing connector and place the replacement in it place, lining up the screw holes.
- - - If the screw holes don't line up, turn the connector 180 degrees. If not, you may have a wacky facing hand or head!!!
4) Screw back in the screws that were removed.
- - - Don't overtighten them as the plastic of the bone/arm is not very thick and it doesn't need to be super tight.
5) Re-attach your arm/head and enjoy!

Visual learner? Me too. Scroll down to the videos below!!!

TROUBLESHOOTING: 3D Parts aren't perfect. There can be slight differences in dimension from batch to batch. As well as our Skelly/Inferno friends. Not everyone is perfectly made. Here are some helpful tips.
- Connector too tight: If you can't twist on the arm/head, you can unscrew the replacement connector and loosen the 4 allen screw holding the tabs pieces.
- Connector too loose: If the arm/head doesn't appear to lock in place very well, you can unscrew the replacement connector and tighten the 4 allen screw holding the tabs pieces. If they are already as tight as possible (don't strip them by over tightening them!!!!) You can add some layers of layers of duct tape or other material to the main surface of the replacement part (the large circle piece where the 8 screw heads are visible) to build it up. This will cause the tabs to lock in better.
- Connector is broken: These parts aren't indestructible, in fact I'd rather they break instead of your 12 foot friend. Please send me a message with a picture and I will help get your 12 foot friend mended again.

Skelly and Inferno Lower arm (or neck) adapter replacement demonstration

Skelly and Inferno Upper arm (or head) adapter replacement demonstration

Still having trouble? Not to worry!