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12 foot Home Depot Inferno Replacement Elbow / Neck

12 foot Home Depot Inferno Replacement Elbow / Neck

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Adapter Location (see photo)
Replacement Stainless Screws (10 per adapter)


SkellyParts designed the original replacement parts for Skelly and Inferno, and these latest revisions of adapters have been subtly improved to offer reinforced support and easier installation. Designed for the 12 foot Inferno Pumpkins from Home Depot, the adapters are available in three different types, as each arm and head/neck feature slight variations. Ensure you pick the correct one.

The male adapters are composed of three 3D-printed PETG parts, a base plate and two clips. They are optimized for superior strength by being printed in specific orientations. Assembled with four stainless steel screws, these components will be shipped pre-assembled.

Optional: We've got replacement screws for your Skeleton and Inferno props. Whether they're on the elbow joint, neck, or head, they'll make sure your 12fter stays together. Each adapter requires 9 screws, but don't worry, we throw in an extra (just in case!) for a total of 10.

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